New York Fashion Week


Fashion shows are one of my favourite things to watch but imagine a whole week dedicated to fashion. From the most recent fashion week in New York, I’ve picked out designers who have stood out for me than the rest.

The first designer that stood out for me was Hakan Akkaya who is a fashion designer from Turkey. He has been in the fashion industry for 16 years and has participated in fashion week since 2012. This piece stood out to me the most, the sheer top with a bralette goes perfectly well together. Of course, thigh high boots are in fashion at the moment and it fits with this outfit. Everything is stunning but the piece that stands out to me the most is the big coat, it’s a big fashion statement and would definitely get people looking.

The next fashion designer that caught my eye was Michael Costello, Costello has been featured in many fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire. This piece, in particular, is mesmerising the deep v neck accompanied by a belt. The trousers are also a fashion statement, every piece individually is a star piece however together it all works out. Even the model’s hair and makeup fit well with this outfit.


Finally, last but not least a piece by Nina Tiari which is a lot more colourful compared to the other two fashion designers. Of course the star piece is the coat and to help it stand out the Tiari hasn’t used a top and left the trousers in white so the coat can have it’s moment. Nina Tiari is an artist who has worked with artists like Madonna, Jay Z and Kanye West.


New York Fashion Week had a lot of great designers show off their beautiful work. Let’s see what’s in store for next time, till then London Fashion Week has my attention!


Grammy Awards 2017


Every year we see outfits that we can’t take our eyes off whether because they are a huge fashion disaster or whether because they are absolutely stunning.

First, let’s start off with the bad and end with the good.

The first fashion crime was committed by Charlie XCX.


This outfit reminds me of the t-shirts that a lot of people wear to the beach. If she really wanted to wear a bra and knickers (which at this point we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw in the Grammy’s) she could have worn it not a dress of a bra and knickers, especially to a red carpet event. Hopefully, the young beautiful singer has learned from this fashion mistake and won’t repeat it in the future.

Recently a crazy trend has been highlighters and glitter, of course, there is always that one person that takes something too far. The next fashion mistake was done by Ceelo Green.


I don’t know what he was thinking when he decided to come out with this outfit, possibly trying to fit in with the new trend? Or maybe thinking gold compliments the red carpet. Once again, over the top and atrocious. This was clearly done to have the public and media talking and it worked in his favour. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of other celebrities trying this technique too.

Next, someone who also wanted to be noticed and decided to go even further is Joy Villa. Personally, I had no idea who this celebrity was and what she is famous for. After this picture she gained a lot of publicity, even if it’s bad publicity it’s still publicity and media outlets will talk about it.

As a lot of us are aware recently Donald Trump has become president of the United States and a lot of people were unhappy about this decision. Clearly not Joy Villa, politics and fashion should never meet there was no need for her to incorporate politics into her outfit for the awards, therefore, she’s earned a space on the worst dressed list.

Now let’s end on a good note and focus on the celebrities that looked stunning.

Of course, firstly, we need to concentrate on Beyonce who was literally a glowing goddess in the awards show.


She wore a stunning dress that was created by Peter Dundas, this dress not only covered her in all the right places but also showed off her new bump! Gold compliments her very well and I’m sure just a part of her dress could pay off my student loan 5 times.

Another celebrity that rocked the red carpet was John Legend’s beautiful wife Chrissy Teigen


She wore a beautiful dress designed by Roberto Cavalli, black is always safe and the way to go. The slits on her dress go perfectly well, everything was perfect even her hair and makeup was outstanding.

Last but not least, Rihanna the amazing and beautiful singer who recently turned 29 wore a top and skirt designed by Armani Privé. The orange suits her very well and top shows off her tattoo perfectly. She’s also styled it out with diamond earrings and bracelets.


Let’s see what outfits we’ll be seeing next year and we’ll see who will be the best dressed and worst dressed at the 60th Grammy Awards.