Changing the game


For years we’ve always seen models on magazine covers who are incredibly thin that some would say it’s not an idealistic body to young teenage girls. However recently, the game has been changing. Models now come in all shapes and sizes, from shorter models to models who aren’t exactly considered ‘thin’ in today’s society.

One of those models is Jordyn Wood’s, a lot of people know her as Kylie Jenner’s best friend however she is a signed model who has modeled for fashion companies like ASOS. She models for ‘plus size’ or ‘curve’ parts on websites, however, this is still a big step in the fashion industry.


Another model who has been killing the game lately is Barbara Ferreira who is also good friends with Jordyn, she also has modeled for many fashion companies like ASOS and Missguided. She’s also part of the curvier models and she enjoys every bit of it. She is constantly motivating teenagers and explaining to them that what we see on magazines of slimmer models isn’t realistic. She voices all her opinions on Twitter and talks to her followers all the time.


This is great for our generation it helps younger teenagers realise that body shapes come in all shapes and sizes and you don’t have to follow what society says or what you see in magazines or on fashion shows like Victoria Secret’s fashion show.