Kim Kardashian VS Janet Jackson


Recently Kim Kardashian showed off her new silver acrylics, however this time with a bit of a twist. She had gold hoops pierced through her nails. Of course, as usual, most fashion blogs and sites decided to give her the title of ‘starting a new trend’ but a few people disagreed with this comment saying that this was already done.

They referred to one of Janet Jackson’s music video’s that was released in the late 90’s called ‘What’s it gonna be’. Jackson is seen in different scenes showing off her glamourous nails which were pierced with hoops, just like Kim Kardashians. However, at this time and age whatever the Kardashians and Jenners do they get criticised for not only because of the reason a lot of people just dislike them because they are famous for ‘nothing’ but also because there’s always gonna be someone that done it first, but they get the credit for it only because they have a larger following and possibly because it looked better on them.


As the years go by we seem to think everything is developing even fashion but it seems as though we’ve gone back in time in fashion. We’re going back to the 90’s style, bringing back the chokers etc. Although we’ve had nail art for a long time and we’ve had beauty guru’s show off gems and crystals on their nails adding hoops is changing the whole game.

So do you think Kim Kardashian is taking credit for something that was already done by Janet Jackson or do you think her take on it is different and unique?