New York Fashion Week


Fashion shows are one of my favourite things to watch but imagine a whole week dedicated to fashion. From the most recent fashion week in New York, I’ve picked out designers who have stood out for me than the rest.

The first designer that stood out for me was Hakan Akkaya who is a fashion designer from Turkey. He has been in the fashion industry for 16 years and has participated in fashion week since 2012. This piece stood out to me the most, the sheer top with a bralette goes perfectly well together. Of course, thigh high boots are in fashion at the moment and it fits with this outfit. Everything is stunning but the piece that stands out to me the most is the big coat, it’s a big fashion statement and would definitely get people looking.

The next fashion designer that caught my eye was Michael Costello, Costello has been featured in many fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire. This piece, in particular, is mesmerising the deep v neck accompanied by a belt. The trousers are also a fashion statement, every piece individually is a star piece however together it all works out. Even the model’s hair and makeup fit well with this outfit.


Finally, last but not least a piece by Nina Tiari which is a lot more colourful compared to the other two fashion designers. Of course the star piece is the coat and to help it stand out the Tiari hasn’t used a top and left the trousers in white so the coat can have it’s moment. Nina Tiari is an artist who has worked with artists like Madonna, Jay Z and Kanye West.


New York Fashion Week had a lot of great designers show off their beautiful work. Let’s see what’s in store for next time, till then London Fashion Week has my attention!


For the Culture!


One of the biggest magazine companies Vogue recently got criticised about a Vogue shoot that they did with Gigi Hadid back in 2015. The series of photo shows the model in different coloured wigs.


Vogue was criticised because instead of using a darker skinned model who actually has an afro. They decide to use Gigi Hadid only because of how famous she is, if they wanted to use a specific model they could of changed the concept of their photographs. This is called cultural appropriation as they are taking the big bold afro from black women and using it on white models without any credit. As most people of colour already get criticised because of the way their hair is naturally and are constantly forced by the media about how they should try different hairstyles to look ‘better’ and sadly looking ‘better’ in a job interview for example is more likely to get them employed get into work place. Its a shame the media have been bashing people of colour for their hairstyles like cornrows and dreads but suddenly it’s a trend when we see a white american celebrity like Kylie Jenner ‘rocking it’.

This isn’t the first time Vogue has been bashed about this, they recently published a magazine cover starring Karlie Kloss.


I’m sure you can already tell what’s wrong with this photograph. Just like Gigi Hadid’s shoot they have decided to dress Kloss in asian clothing and have even painted her face more white and made her eyes look geisha looking. How is this any different than blackface? Why could they have not hired an asian model instead or again if they wanted to work with Karlie why not change the setting, clothing and make up of the shoot to fit her. Cultural appropriation is happening more and more in the media especially with magazine companies and people need to learn the different between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.